I'm Scarlart Sabrina, the Illustrator and Graphic Designer behind MiniBallerina.

Allow me to pull back the curtain and unveil the enchantment woven into MiniBallerina. I'm the imaginative force driving our delightful visual identity. With a pen in my hand and a heart filled with an unwavering ardor for art, I've devoted myself to breathing life into our children's dancewear brand.

My mission is to whisk you away to a realm of hues, elegance, and beauty, as ephemeral as a dance step. Each illustration, every intricacy of design, represents a fragment of my adoration for creative expression and the delight of children.

I aspire that our creations kindle the imaginations of young dancers and grace their faces with smiles. It's an honor to participate in this journey and to share my passion with you.

Please, feel at liberty to explore our magnificent assortment of children's dancewear. We express our gratitude for being part of this extraordinary odyssey with MiniBallerina!

Warm regards,
Scarlart Sabrina

I'm Camila, and I am the MiniBallerina Founder.

My life has been deeply connected to the enchanting world of dance since my childhood. Today, I'm excited to share my passion through MiniBallerina, a specialized store for girls' ballet attire.

My dance journey began in childhood, filled with the joy of movement and rhythm. As I grew, this passion became a dedicated pursuit. I pursued professional training, graduated from the University of Arts, and danced on various stages, enriching my life profoundly.

Teaching dance became another rewarding path. Working with children, sharing the wonder of dance, and witnessing their growth became a cherished experience.

My fascination with ballet attire grew throughout my career. Whether creating costumes for students or crafting outfits for my performances, ballet's aesthetics always captivated me. In recent years, this love led to MiniBallerina, where I aim to provide functional yet beautiful attire for young dancers.

My goal with MiniBallerina is clear: offering quality products for dance students and all kids who adore ballerina fashion. Welcome to MiniBallerina, where every piece is chosen with love and expertise, aiming to ignite the same excitement I felt on my dance journey.

Warm regards, Camila